Scale HQ is a multi-platform performance testing scaleout solution.
It extends the existing tools by scaling out Gatling, JMeter and even custom performance testing applications and it brings you a big change in your world of performance testing.


  • Scales out Gatling and JMeter
  • Pre-processes test data for servers
  • Monitors running tests and environments
  • Collects and post-processes generated reports
  • Distributes test results

Why Scale HQ?

  • Everything is managed under one roof
  • You can run your performance tests on any machines
  • You can easily customize and distribute your test scripts and test data
  • Performance testing becomes really simple and comfortable
  • Shortens your testing preparation time and reduces the project cost

Operating systems

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac OS

Cloud platforms

  • Windows Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Amazon Web Services


Running a performance test on 8 servers

Adding an asset (gatling script) to a test session

List of servers in a test session

Typical workflow in Scale HQ

  1. Create a new project
  2. Add servers to the project (machines which will execute the performance test)
  3. Define an agent set (subset of all servers) which will be used in a session
  4. Add assets to the project (scripts and custom data used for testing)
  5. Create a session (the session uses an agent set and assets)
  6. Publish assets (distribute assets to servers in the agent set)
  7. Execute the performance test and monitor the test and the environment
  8. Collect results and generate a report
  9. Distribute the test results

About us

We solve the most challenging problems in the area of performance testing, Scale HQ represents an innovative solution for your requirements, all you have to do is to customize and implement the performance testing scenarios.


We are currently in final stage before release to public.

Target platforms (Client app & Server service)

You can signup for news about release of ScaleHQ product (late August or early September).